Acrylic Paintings


East Cliff at West Bay, Dorset

Acrylic paint, corrugated card, textures pastes and East Cliff sand

100 x 70 cm unframed box canvas


I was fascinated by the ridged texture of this cliff and its vivid golden colour towards sunset. Before painting I laid down lots of textures, concentrating them on the cliff and beach, while the sky is painted flat to give the sense of a theatrical backdrop.



Durdle Door, Dorset

Acrylic paint, texture pastes and wax pastels

100 x 70cm unframed box canvas


Durdle Door on this gloriously sunny day was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen. Getting closer, I was inspired by the contrasts between this ancient rock - carved out over time by the sea - and the people, tiny by comparison, with their brightly coloured modern belongings.



St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Acrylic paint, papers and pebbles

44 x 54cm inc. frame


The paint in this mixed media painting was applied only with small pieces of card over a layer of collage. I was mainly interested in colours and reflections on the water but out of my imagination I included myself and my daughter playing on the sand, watched by a seagull.



Kenilworth Castle, Warwick

Acrylic paint

77 x 48 cm inc. frame


As a child, my imagination was captured by the paintings of Lowry and by Kenilworth Castle, where I loved to play. This acrylic painting was an attempt to create a slightly Lowry-style image of Kenilworth Castle with 'matchstick' figures in the foreground - my husband followed by someone's dog.



'Boom!' Kenilworth Castle Fireworks Display, Warwick

Acrylic paint, textiles and texture pastes

95 x 72 cm inc. frame


 This is an especially personal picture for me as the woolly-hatted figures in the foreground are all family members. As often before with my paintings I have tried to create a theatrical backdrop for the figures by using texture in the front, leaving the sky flat. Gold paint was used for the fireworks.



Fish Shoal

Acrylic paint, texture pastes and coloured pencil

30 x 30 cm wood panel


This image includes metallic paints that create a different appearance in different lights. The fish are stylised rather than being a specific type. I wanted them to look a little glum and also slightly startled as fish often look. This painting was the start of a recent obsession with fish.



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