Ceramic Pots & Pictures



Ceramic mosaic with key on wood panel

52 x 22 cm inc. frame


The mosaic pieces were made using stampers, hand-made moulds and objects pressed into clay and were then fired and glazed. The pieces were designed to have a variety of texture, narrative and individual interest, with the appearance of fragments found on a beach.




Ceramic mosaic with key on wood panel

52 x 22 cm inc. frame



Rustic Landscape Vase

Crank and St Thomas Reduction Stoneware

H26 x W20 x D15 cm


I was inspired by a simiilarly shaped vase in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery that had abstract layers of colour, reminiscent of a landscape. The idea was developed in a more illustrative way by scratching an actual landscape into the clay using a needle.



Rock Pool Bowl

Ceramic with glass in base

H14 x D38 cm


This large bowl (4.6kg) was inspired by rock pools in Cornwall. The blue glass, representing the sea, was created using pieces of a Bombay Saphire gin bottle in the base, which melted when the pot was fired. The stones, shells and creatures were hand-made using stoneware.



Shell Pots

Paper-porcelain with blue glass

H3 x D8 cm


Over the years I have created many small craft items for sale through art fairs. One of my favourites is these small ceramic trinket pots made with paper-porcelain (porcelain with the addition of flax) with glass in the base. The shell shapes were created by pressing large shells into wet clay.



Breezy Sea Day Vase


H27 x D12 cm


The relief work on this vase features sprigging - press moulded shapes applied to the surface - in this case to create shells. The moulds for the shells were made by hand using real shells dipped in plaster-of-Paris. The pebbles were made with small flattened balls of clay.



Breezy Sea Day Pot


H14 x D14 cm


A small round pot featuring shells and pebbles, all made of clay.



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